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Russian banks (L)


Lanta Bank, Moscow
Lefco-Bank, Moscow
Legion CB, Moscow
Legprombank, Moscow
Lena CB, Ust-Kut, Irkutsk Province
Leso Bank (Bank for Development of Timber Industry), Arkhangelsk
Lesprombank (Timber Industrial Bank ), Moscow
Levoberezhny CB (Novosibirsk Social Commercial Bank), Novosibirsk Social Commercial Bank
Link-Bank, Moscow
Lios Bank, Moscow
Lipetskcombank (Bank for Social Development and Construction), Lipetsk
Luzhniki-Bank, Moscow
Lyuskus CB, Kemerovo

CB=commercial bank
JSB=joint stock bank
JSCB=joint stock commercial bank
UCB=universal commercial bank

Note: Banks in the TOP25 listing are highlighted.


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