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Country news
The Central Bank

(Lydveldid Ísland)
Seðlabanki Íslands - Central Bank of Iceland

The Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Country info

Capital Reykjavik
The Government  

Currency corona
Swift code ISK

Area, people, etc. factbook
History documents

Dialing code ++354

Iceland Stock Exchange 

Bunadarbanki Islands - The Agricultural Bank of Iceland, Reykjavik
FBA - The Icelandic Investment Bank, Reykjavik
Icebank, Reykjavik
Islandsbanki, Reykjavik
Kaupthing HF Investment bank, Reykjavik
Landsbanki Islands - The National Bank of Iceland, Reykjavik
Merchant National Bank, Keflavihurflugvelli
Reiknistofa Bankanna, Reykjavik
Samvinnubanki Islands, Reykjavik
Sparisjˇ­irnir- Icebank, Reykjavik
SPRON, Reykjavik


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