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Country news
The Central Bank

(Al Jumhuriyahal 'Iraqiyah)

Central Bank of Iraq

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Country info

Capital Baghdad
The Government National Assembly

Currency Dinar
Swift code IQD

Area, people, etc. factbook

Dialing code ++964

ikraq votes constitution referendum

new iraq

Agricultural Co-Operative Bank, Baghdad
Al-Baraka For Investment And Financing Bank, Alawiyah
Bank of Babel, Baghdad
Bank of Baghdad, Alawiyah
Basra Private Bank For Investment (S.P.A), Basra
Commercial Bank of Iraq, El Sanak
Credit Bank of Iraq S.A, Alwiya
Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank, Alawiyah
Economic Bank for Investment & Finance, Baghdad
Estate Bank, Baghdad
Gulf Commercial Bank, Alawiyah
Industrial Bank, Baghdad
Investment Bank of Iraq, Alawiyah
Iraqi Islamic Bank for Development & Investment, Baghdad
Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank, Baghdad
Ishtiraki Bank, Baghdad
National Agricultural Bank for Investment & Development, Baghdad
Rafidain Bank, Baghdad
Rasheed Bank, Baghdad
Sumer Commercial Bank, Alawiyah
United Bank for Investment, Baghdad
Warka Investment Bank, Alawiyah

Iraq news

Weather in Baghdad

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