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Search Engine Usage Stats
If you use the Internet to run or promote a business, nothing is more important to your success than being listed with the search engines. They are your customer's tool of choice for locating web sites - outranking banner advertising and all other forms of media. The people visiting your web site as a result of a search engine query are specifically interested in the product or service you provide.

During the week ending March 09 2003, Microsoft, AOL Time Warner and Yahoo! had over 136 million unique visitors using their search engines.

Statistics from Nielsen Netratings show that during the week ending March 09 2003 searchers would have spent over 166 million minutes using the top three search engines alone!

When you consider that this represents only three of the major search engines, you start to get some insight into the strength and popularity of search engines in today's industry - and hence the importance of an effective search engine marketing campaign.

With hundreds of millions of potential customers hitting the search engines every day, how can you afford not to be a part of this massive market?

Unfortunately, simply being listed with the search engines is not enough to guarantee success. If people have not found what they want on the first or second page of a search result query, they will simply type in a new search phrase. As you may imagine, competition for positions near the top of the search results is fierce. Ineedhits

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