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Cambiare l'e-mail evita la ricezione di spam ?
Yahoo reports that over 30 percent of email addresses are changed annually, with users often forgetting to keep personal and commercial contacts.
According to an unreleased study conducted by NFO WorldGroup on behalf of Return Path, 31 percent of email addresses are changed each year because of job changes, ISP switching and consumer efforts to avoid spam.
Over half of consumers who had changed their personal email address did so because they switched ISP.

This compares with 16 percent who changed address to avoid spam, 12 percent who changed residence, and eight percent who wanted a more attractive email address.

Around 41 percent of work email addresses are changed because employees change job, while 18 percent were changed because of a change in ISP, and eight percent because of a change in residence.

The study also found that a large number of Web relationships are lost because of email address changes.

According to the report, more than 50 percent of individuals who change their email addresses lose contact with personal and commercial contacts and websites.

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