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Con il passaparola il Voip diventa Gratis anche verso i cellulari!
C'è chi è entrato sul mercato VOIP europeo in sordina. Con la tariffe flat di 27$ si parla sui telefoni fissi e CELLULARI USA e Canadesi senza limiti di tempo, da 60$ anche verso altri stati a seconda della zona del mondo scelta. Usando il passa parola è possibile chiamare tutti i telefoni fissi ed i cellulari anche gratuitamente ......

si guadagna il 10% del consumo delle persone che fanno l'abbonamento. Quindi inserendo 10-15 persone non si pagherà più la tariffa flat mensile o il consumo generato.
Siamo disponibili per informazioni.

Fabrizio Ciancio
cell: 392.47.81.022
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Press Release for July 6, 2005

TelExtreme's Pre-Launch in International Countries a Success
TelExtreme, an arising company in the Broadband Telephone Communications and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Industry, that provides customers with flat rate calling using an existing high-speed internet connection, has announced the overwhelming acceptance in Asia and Europe.

(PRWEB) July 6, 2005 -- TelExtreme's VoIP presence surges in the International markets. The top five growing markets in the past six months have been Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, Canada and Singapore. Most recently is the opening of markets in France, Portugal, and Spain. Jeremy McMillan, Director of Sales & Marketing for TelExtreme, stated, "This is not only an exciting time for technology users but also for a non-technical individual to take advantage of this replacement technology to save money for themselves."

VoIP, also known as Broadband Telephone has become a recognized form of communication and is beginning to be accepted by the average "enduser". Along with many others, TelExtreme is poised for explosive growth in the continuing upward trend in the VoIP space. They have plans to officially launch the service over the coming weeks.

About TelExtreme
TelExtreme is a division of BodyExtreme, Inc, a privately held debt-free corporation located in Boise, Idaho USA. BodyExtreme began operations in 1997 offering a low cost home business opportunity marketing a full line and nutrition, wellness and homeopathic products. In 2004, BodyExtreme began to expand its strategy to deliver health and vitality to people around the world by launching a new division, TelExtreme, to market the incredible new technology of Broadband Telephone Service. They have done this by making it easy and affordable to communicate around the world through their V.o.I.P (Voice over Internet Phone) services.

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