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Ricerca di partner per progetti europei

Abbiamo ricevuto questa "Search for partners" dall'Università di Firenze che con piavere pubblichiamo in toto, in lingua inglese.

Call Identifier: [FP6-2002-Citizens-3] -SEARCH FOR PARTNERS

Dear potential partners

The LRE-EGO-CreaNET of the University of Florence is interested in the field of "Mental Change in Knowledge Driven Economy" for participating to the following European call on "e.Government". 
‘Topics, instruments and deadlines for the First Call of Priority 7 
‘Citizens and governance in a knowledge based society’ 
Research Area 1    Identifier: [FP6-2002-Citizens-3] 
Closing Date(s): 10 December 2003, at 17:00 (Brussels local time) 
                    OJ Reference: OJ C315 of 17.12.2002 

> Activity area(s) : Improving the generation, distribution and use of knowledge and its  impact on economic and social development

Work Programme Code -Topics Type of Instrument and Deadline 
1.1.2 Knowledge dynamics and economic and societal development in Europe  and its regions 
IP/Integrated Projects -  DEAD LINE  (10.12.2003)

"Mental change needs  for integrating and strengthening the "ERA"
(ERA = European  research Area)

:: Target Partner

The search for partners is regarding all the Governamental Regions in
Europe and the Centers of RTD and also SME's Associations, working  in
all the fields regarding the needs on change in collaborative thinking
aspects of Knowledge Management for the development of  e.Govern in the
new ERA based society .

Mission Details:

To integrate  multi-disciplinary concepts to socio-economic and  ITC
interactive systems including critical thinking and creative planning
for favouring  changes in occupational life and in permanent education

To model a strategy how to construct integrated knowledge and understand
the impact of the Knowledge Management skills innovation in a complex
social, organizational, and  in ITC systems and to use advanced RTD in
al  fields of "Mental Change" and of  distributed shared knowledge
construction, to design and improve European Knowledge Based Society.

Partners search - (for instance)  :   "Brain-Mind" neurobiology ,
Sociology of virtual community , ITC methodology for  on the job
education, SME's business innovation, Technology transfer
infrastructures ( e.g. University - SME's "spin -off", etc...),
interactive mass-media developers , electronic Editors, Knowledge
management innovation  ... and so on and certainly Governamental Regions
, all oriented to develop a "e.Governance" through a strong
collaboration with European Regions.

No Country:'s restriction :  Any Country

Organisation Details .
Construction of a Transnational  EGO-CreaNET  -
" Knowledge Management- Consortium."

Partners already acquired:  TUSCANY REGION -

Therefore I appreciate if you can look for a collaboration with the
LRE-EGO-CreaNET of the Florence University ITALY .

Very cordially Paolo Manzelli  JULY/2003
   Director of LRE  // EGO-CreaNET


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