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Danmark Kongeriget Danmark   Geo   
Population :
5.200.000 (density 121 ; surface 43.093 km2)
Capital : København (1.300.000)
Internet : DK domain
1.900.000 people on the Web (35,47 %) (Oct-99) (CyberScan)
Referrer : (,

Currency : Danish Crowns (Kroner) - DKK
1 Krone = 100 Øre
1 Euro = xxx krone

Banknote serial number reserved for future use= W
Coins : 20 Kr, 10 Kr, 5 Kr, 2 Kr, 1 Kr, 50 Øre, 25 Øre.
(Notice that there have just been a coin reform in Denmark, so there are still two kinds of 1 Kr and 25 Øre, and you can also meet 'old' 10 Kr and 5 Kr.)
Paper : 1000 Kr, 500 Kr, 100 Kr and 50 Kr. (see old 20 Kr or 10 Kr,
Other historical banknotes
Authority : Danmarks Nationalbank
København Stock Exchange
Banks : Informations from Portalino Fantalinks
Den Danske Bank
Other : TTE Tourismus Team Europe

Operator System Start Subscribers
% of growth
last year
Tele Denmark mobil Gsm/Dcs 7/92 1.068.634* 26
Sonofon Gsm 7/92 852.600* 13
Telia Denmark Dcs-1800 1/98 224.000* 850
Mobilix Dcs-1800 3/98 380.000* 245
*= estimate ; source= Mobile communications 2.525.234

Number of operators probably 4 (national)
Process of allocation auction
Pubblication of the assignment procedure 1. trim. 2001
Assignement of the licenses 3. trim. 2001
Service startup 2002

General :
      Danes are changing from the cash-oriented society to plastic- cards; that is their own 'Dankort'. This card can be used everywhere, and the same places also accept Visa and MasterCard (most places).
ATMs :
      Look for the sign 'Dankort Automat' - they take Visa(ATM Locator), Plus, MasterCard/Eurocard and Cirrus, and maybe JCB (not AmEx).
      Machines are open 24h though some are closed at night. You can withdraw up to 2000DKR (~350$) per day. If you need more money, go to another ATM. You should note that it's easy to find VISA/MC/Cirrus ATM's in central Copenhagen. However in suburbs or smaller villages you possibly only find Dankort accepting machines. Banks should accept cash payment on cards at banking hours.
For more information you can call Dankort at int+ 45 44 89 29 29
Diners: try the SAS office.

Cards :
      Visa and MasterCard. (see also ATM) In restaurants and Gas-stations you can also use a variety of others (Diners, Eurocard etc.) The national card Dankort is very widely accepted for almost any payment. However this means that MasterCard and VISA acceptance is limited to tourist-geared businesses, hotels, better restaurants, and up-scale shops. I have not seen any supermarkets that accept VISA or MasterCard, like in Sweden, UK or France.
Foreign exchange :
      Banks almost have the monopoly of changing money, so the rates are quite fixed.If you need it, there is a Change office, Main Railway Station, open 7.00-22.00 h summer, 7.00-21.00 h winter. The ticket sale at the boats to Malmo (Havnegade street) are probably open even later for northern European currencies.
Travelers checks :
      Can be cashed in banks and major hotels. The cheapest way to get local currency is by using 'PostCheques', which can be obtained in most countries outside America. There is an AmEx office in Copenhagen.

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