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The Central Bank

(Uzbekiston Jumhuriyati)

Central Bank of Uzbekistan

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Capital Tashkent
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Dialing code ++998

Tashkent Stock Exchange

Bank rating
National depositary fund


Bank Asaka (Specialised State Joint Stock Commercial) , Tashkent
National Bank of Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Pakhta Bank, Tashkent
Uzpromstroybank, Tashkent
Narodny Bank (People's Bank), Tashkent

Other banks:

Abn Amro Bank, Tashkent
Aloqabank, Tashkent
Alp Jamol Bank, Tashkent
Andijonbank, Andijan
Aviabank, Tashkent
Business Bank of Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Capitalbank, Tashkent
Gallabank, Tashkent
Hamkorbank, Tahkent
Halqbank, Tashkent
HIF-bank, Tashkent
Incombank 'Ipac Uli', Tashkent
Ipak Yuli Bank, Tashkent
Istikbolbank, Tashkent
Karvon Bank, Tashkent
Khamkorbank, Tashkent
Khorezm Interregion Commodity Exchange, Tashkent
Namanganbank, Namangan
National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent
National Bank of External Economic Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Olimbank, Urgut city, Samarkand region
Parvinabank, Samarkand
Ravnakbank, Tashkent
Savdogarbank, Tashkent
State Bank of Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Tadbirkorbank, Tashkent
Tashkent bank (a subsidiary structure of interstate Central Asian bank of cooperation and development), Tashkent
Tosh Uyjoy Jamgharma Bank (Housing Construction Bank of Tashkent), Tashkent
Trustbank, Tashkent
Turkiston bank , Tashkent
Turon Bank JSCB of Consolidation, Tashkent
Umarbank, Samarkand
Uzagroprombank, Tashkent
Uzavia Bank, Tashkent
Uzbek International Bank for Privisation and Investment 'Uzprivatbank' , Tashkent
Uzbek Joint Stock Commercial Industrial Constructing Bank, Tashkent
Uzbek - Turkish Bank, Tashkent
UzDaewoo Bank, Tashkent
Uzinbank, Tashkent
Uzinvestbank, Tashkent
Uzjilsberbank, Tashkent
Uzhousingsavingsbank, Tashkent
Uzsanoatqurilishbank (Uzbekistan’s Industrial and Construction Bank), Tashkent
Uzsavdogarbank, Tashkent
Uztadbirkorbank, Tashkent
XIF Bank, Tashkent
Zamin Bank, Tashkent

Representative office:
Berliner Bank, Tashkent
Chase Manhattan Bank, Tashkent
Credit Suisse, Tashkent
Deutsche Bank, Tashkent
May Bank, Tashkent
Societè Generale, Tashkent


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