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Russian banks (U)


Ukhtabank (Komi Regional Bank), Ukhta, Republic of Komi
Unexim Bank (Unified Export and Import Bank), Moscow
Uniastrum Bank, Moscow
Unibest JSCB, Moscow
Unicombank, Moscow
Unicorbank (ex Unikorbank), Moscow
Uniinvest CB, Moscow
Universalny Kredit (ex Apatit Bank), Moscow
Uralliga CB (Urals League Bank), (ex Bank of Chelyabinsk Universal Stock Exchange), Chelyabinsk
UralPromStroy Bank (Urals Bank for Industrial Construction), Ekaterinburg
Uralsky Bank Reconstruktsii I Razvitiya (Urals Bank for Reconstruction and Development) (ex BRC - Bank for Development of Cooperation), Ekaterinburg
Uraltransbank (Urals Transport Bank), Ekaterinburg
Ural Trust Bank, Ekaterinburg
UralVneshtorgbank (Urals Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade), Ekaterinburg
Ussuri CB, Khabarovsk

CB=commercial bank
JSB=joint stock bank
JSCB=joint stock commercial bank
UCB=universal commercial bank

Note: Banks in the TOP25 listing are highlighted.


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