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Russian banks (M)


Mak Bank, Moscow
Mapo Bank, Moscow
Mashbank (Innovation Bank for Development of Production and Delivery of Defense Mechanical Engineering Industry), Moscow
Mass Media Bank (Innovation Commercial Bank for Development of Mass Media) (ex Zhurbank), Moscow
Master-Bank, Moscow
Master Capital JSCB, Moscow
Mayma CB, Gorno-Altaisk, Republic of Altai
MBO Orgbank (Commercial Interbank Association), Moscow
MBS Orgbank (International Bank for Cooperation) (ex Keibank), Moscow
MDM-bank (Moskovsky Delovoy Mir Bank) (Moscow Business World Bank), Moscow
Mechel-Bank, Chelyabinsk
Medinvestbank (Investment and Commercial Bank for Development of Medical Industry and Health Care), Moscow
MedPromInvest Bank (Commercial Medical Industrial Investment Bank), Moscow
Megavatt-Bank, Moscow
Menatep, Saint-Petersburg
Mestbank (Commercial Bank for Development of Local Economy) (ex Rosmestbank), Moscow,
Metalex Bank, Krasnoyarsk
Metallinvestbank (Metallurgical Investment Bank), Moscow
Metallurg CB, Moscow
Metcombank (Metallurgical Commercial Bank), Cherepovets
Metracombank (Interregional Transport Commercial Bank), Rostov-on-the-Don
Metropol CB, Moscow
Mezhcombank (Interbranch Commercial Bank), Moscow
Mezhdunarodnaya Finansovaya Companiya - International Financial Company - IFC (MFK Renassaince Group), Moscow
Mezhdunarodny Aktsionerny Bank (International Joint Stock Bank), Moscow
Mezhdunarodniy Bank Khrama Khrista Spasitelya, Moscow
Mezhdunarodny Bank Torgovli i Sotrudnichestva (International Bank for Trade and Cooperation), Moscow
Mezhregionalny Investitsionnyy Bank Interregional Investment Bank), Moscow
Mezhregionalny Pochtovy Bank (Interregional Postal Bank), Moscow
Mezhtopenergobank (Interregional Power Supply Bank), Moscow
Mezhtrustbank (Interregional Trust Bank), Moscow
MI Bank, Moscow
Milbank, Moscow
Mir CB (Interbranch Commercial Bank), Moscow
Molodezhny CB (Youth), Moscow
MontazhSpets Bank, Moscow
Mordovsotsbank (Mordovian Joint Stock Bank for Social Development), Saransk, Republic of Mordovia
Morskoy Bank (Sea Bank), Kaliningrad
Mosbusinessbank (Moscow Bank for Business Support), Moscow
Moscom Privat Bank, Moscow
Moscow Narodny Bank, Moscow
Moscow Privat Bank, Moscow
Moscow Trust Bank, Moscow
Moskva Regional Bank, Moscow
Moskovskiy Zalogovy Bank (Moscow Mortgage Bank), Moscow
Moskovsko-Parizhsky Bank (Moscow-Paris Bank), Moscow
Moskovsky Bank Reconstruktsii i Razvitiya (Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development), Moscow
Moskovsky Industrialny Bank (Moscow Industrial Bank), Moscow
Moskovsky Kapital CB (Moscow Capital), Moscow
Moskovsky Kreditny Bank (Moscow Credit Bank), Moscow
Moskovsky Munitsipalny Bank Bank Moskvy (Moscow Municipal Bank - Bank of Moscow) (ex Mosraschetbank), Moscow
Moskva - City Bank, Moscow
Moskva JSCB, Moscow
Moskva Tsentr JSCB (Moskva.Center), Moscow
Mosstroyeconombank, Moscow
Most-Bank, Moscow
Mostransbank (Bank for Development of Passenger Transport in Moscow), Moscow
Mosvodokanalbank CB, Moscow
MPI-Bank (Bank for Interbranch Industrial Integration), Moscow

CB=commercial bank
JSB=joint stock bank
JSCB=joint stock commercial bank
UCB=universal commercial bank

Note: Banks in the TOP25 listing are highlighted.


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