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Russian banks (F)


Federalny Bank Innovatsiy i Razvitiya (Federal Bank for Innovation and Development), Moscow
Federalny Investitsionny Bank, Moscow
Federalny Kosmichesky Bank (Federal Space Bank), Moscow
FIA Bank, Togliatti
Fili CB, Moscow
Finansovy Kapital CB (Financial Capital), St.Petersburg
FinPromBank (Financial and Industrial Bank), Moscow
Finros Finansovaya Initsiativa (Financial Initiative) Bank, Moscow
Flora-Moskva CB, Moscow
Fonon Combank, Moscow
Fora Bank JSCB (ex Avtocompbank), Moscow
Forpost JSCB, Moscow
Forte-Bank, Moscow
Fundament-Bank , Moscow

CB=commercial bank
JSB=joint stock bank
JSCB=joint stock commercial bank
UCB=universal commercial bank

Note: Banks in the TOP25 listing are highlighted.


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