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The Central Bank

Inno nazionale - national anthem
Banca Nationala a Romaniei
National Bank of Romania

The Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Country info

Capital Bucharest
The Government  

Currency leu
Swift code ROL

Area, people, etc. Business guide
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Dialing code ++40

Bucharest Stock Exchange
Sibiu Monetary-Financial and Commodities Exchange
Romanian Commodities Exchange Transylvania Commodity Exchange
The Maritime and Commodities Exchange of Constantza

List of stock and other exchanges
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Romanian TOP Banks
OTP Bank Romania (former Banca Comerciala Romana)
Banca Romana Pentru Dezvoltare - Romanian Bank for Development
CEC - Casa de Economii si Consemnatiuni (Romanian Savings Bank)
4 100 Banca Agricola, Valcea (absorbed by Raiffeisen Bank) 411
PS: the second column is the placement in the Top 100 of the banks in Eastern Europe (without the states of the Soviet Union), by the assets at the end of 1999 (fourth column, expressed in mln.$)

Other banks:

Alpha Bank (former Banca Bucuresti)
Anglo Romanian Bank
Banca Comerciala Carpatica
Banca Comerciala Robank
BCR Banca Pentru Locuinte
Banca C.R. Firenze România S.A. (former Banca Daewoo)
Banca de Export Import a Romaniei - Eximbank
Banca de Investitii si Dezvoltare (B.I.D.)
Banque Franco Roumaine, Bucharest Branch
Banca Italo-Romena, Bucharest Branch
Banca Millennium
Banca pentru Mica Industrie si Libera Initiativ„ - Mindbank S.A.
Banca Romaneasca
Banca Transilvania
Banc Post
Bank Leumi (former Eurombank)
Citibank Romania
Emporiki Bank (former Commercial Bank of Greece)
Finansbank (former Banca de Credit Industrial si Comercial)
Garanti Bank International NV
HVB Banca pentru Locuinte
ING Bank, Bucharest Branch
Libra Bank (former Banca Romana pentru Relansare Economica)
Marfin Bank Romania (former Egnatia Bank, former BNP-Dresdner Bank)
Piraeus Bank
Porsche Bank Romania
Pro Credit Bank (former Banca de Microfinantare MIRO s.a.)
Raiffeisen Bank S.A., Bucarest
Raiffeisen Banca pentru Locuinte
RBS Bank Romania (formerly Abn Amro Bank)
Romanian International Bank
Romexterra Bank (former Banca de Export si Dezvoltare)
San Paolo IMI Bank Romania S.A. (former Banca Comerciala West Bank)
Unicredit Tiriac Bank (merger beetwen Banca Comerciala Ion Tiriac and HVB Bank Romania S.A. -former Bank-Austria Creditanstalt-)
Volksbank Romania SA

Representative offices:
Bank of Cyprus Nicosia Romanian Branch
BLOM Bank France Romanian Branch (formerly BLOM Bank Egypt)
Commerzbank - Representative Office Bucharest
Finicredito – Romanian Branch, Bucarest
La Caixa - Romanian Branch

Closed banks:
Nova Bank (former Banca Unirea, bankrupt in 2003 - licence revoked on 16/08/2006)
Frankfurt Bukarest Bank, Bucarest Branch (merged in Anglo-Romanian Bank)
Banque Franco Roumaine, Bucharest Branch – (from 15.10.2004, merged in Anglo-Romanian Bank
National Bank of Greece - sucursala Bucuresti (from 20.06.2005) §
Banca Internationala a Religiilor - International Bank of Religions (liquidated in 2002 – closed 18.06.2001)
Banca Romana de Scont (from 11/03/2002)
Banca Turco-Romana (15/05/2002)
Bankcoop - Banca de Credit si Promovare (from 27/09/2000)
MISR Romanian Bank, Bucarest Branch (from 28/12/1998)
Unicredit Romania (former Demirbank) (vedi Unicredit Tiriac Bank)

updated 06/10/2009


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