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Country news
The Central Bank

(Repubblica Federale di Nigeria )

Central Bank of Nigeria

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Country info

Capital Abuja
The Government  

Currency Naira
Swift code NGN

Area, people, etc. factbook

Dialing code ++234

Nigerian Stock Exchange
Nigerian Stock Exchange & market listing
Nigerian bank addresses

Afribank Nigeria
First Bank of Nigeria
Manufacturers Merchant Bank

United Bank For Africa

Access Bank Nigeria PLC, Lagos
Afribank International, Lagos
Afribank Nigeria, Lagos
African Cointinental Bank, Lagos
Allied Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
Allstates Trust Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
Arab Bank of Nig, Lagos
B.T. International, Lagos
Bank of America, Lagos
Bank of India, Lagos
Bank of The North, Lagos
Barclays Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
Centre Point Merchant Bank, Lagos
Century Merchant Bank, Lagos
Chartered Bank, Lagos
Citibank, Lagos
Citizens International Bank, Lagos
Commercial Bank, Lagos
Continental Merchant Bank, Lagos
Continental Trust Bank, Lagos
Cooperative and Commerce Bank, Lagos
Cooperative Bank of Eastern Nigeria, Ibadin
Co-operative Development Bank PLC, Lagos
Devcom Merchant Bank, Lagos
Diamond Bank, Lagos
Ecobank Nigeria, Lagos
Eko International Bank, Lagos
Equitorial Trust Bank, Lagos
Fidelity Union Merchant Bank, Lagos
First Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
First City Merchant Bank, Lagos
First Interstate Merchant Bank, Lagos
First National Bank of Chicago, Ikoyi
FSB International Bank, Lagos
Guaranty Trust Bank, Lagos
Habib Nigeria Bank, Ibadan
Icon Limited Merchant Bankers, Lagos
Indo Nigerian Merchant Bank, Lagos
Inland Bank PLC, Bauchi
Industrial Bank, Lagos
Intercontinental Bank Ltd, Lagos
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Lagos
International Bank for West Africa, Lagos
International Merchant Bank, Lagos
Internationale Nederlanden Bank, Lagos
Investment Banking and Trust Company, Lagos
Ivory Merchant Bank, Lagos
Kano Co-operative Bank, Kano
Lead Merchant Bank, Lagos
Lion Bank of Nigeria, Jos.
Lobe Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
Manufacturers Merchant Bank, Lagos
Mercantile Bank of Nigeria, Calabar
Merchant Bank of Africa, Lagos
Merchant Banking Corp. Nigeria, Lagos
Nal Merchant Bank, Lagos
National Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
New Nigeria Bank, Benin City
NBM Bank (ex Nigbel Merchant Bank), Lagos
Nigeria Universal Bank, Lagos
Nigeria-Arab Bank, Lagos
Nigerian Agricultural Bank, Kaduna
Nigerian American Merchant Bank, Lagos
Nigerian Bank For Commerce and Industry, Lagos
Nigerian Industrial Development Bank, Lagos
North-South Bank, Lagos
Oceanic Bank International, Lagos
Omega bank, Lagos
Orient bank, Enugu
Owena Bank, Lagos
Pan African Bank, Lagos
River Bank Nigeria, Kano
Royal Merchant Bank, Lagos
Savannah Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
Societe Generale Bank, Lagos
Stanbic Merchant Bank Nigeria, Lagos
Standard Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
Standard Chartered Bank , Lagos
Trade Bank, Lagos
Trans International Bank, Ibadan
Tropical Commercial Bank, Kano
Union Bank of Nigeria, Lagos
United Bank For Africa, Lagos
Wema Bank, Lagos
Zenith International Bank, Lagos


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