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Country news
The Central Bank

(República de Moçambique)

Banco de Moçambique

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Country info

Capital Maputo
The Government  

Currency Metical
Swift code MZM

Area, people, etc. factbook

Dialing code ++258

Mozambique Stock Exchange

Banco Austral, Maputo
Banco Comercial de Mocambique, Maputo
Banco Comercial e de Investimentos, Maputo
Baco Fomento Exterior, Maputo
Banco International de Mocambique, Maputo
Banco Portugues Atlantico, Maputo
Banco Standard Totta de Mocambique, Maputo
Caisse Centrale (Mozambique) de Cooperation Economique, Maputo
Creditcoop, Maputo
Uniao Comercial de Bancos (Mocambique), Maputo


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