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Inno nazionale - national anthem
(Lietuvos Respublika)
Lietuvos Bankas
Bank of Lithuania

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Capital Vilniaus
The Government  

Currency lit
Swift code LTL

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Dialing code ++370

National Stock Exchange of Lithuania

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Lithuanian TOP Banks
AB SEB Vilniaus bankas (former Joint -Stock Company Vilniaus Bank - Bank of Vilnius), Vilnius
Joint -Stock Company Savings Bank of Lithuania (Lietuvos Taupomasis Bankas)
3   Joint -Stock Company Agricultural Bank of Lithuania, Vilnius
(may be acquired by DnB NORD)
4   Joint - Stock Company Bank "Snoras", Vilnius
5   Joint-Stock Company Ukio Bankas, Kaunas
6   Public Company bank "HANSABANKAS", Vilnius
7   Joint Stock Company Siauliu Bankas, Siauliai
8   Close Stock Company Sampo Bank, Vilnius
9   Joint Stock Company PAREX BANK, Vilnius
10   Close Stock Company Medicinos bank, Vilnius
PS: the second column is the placement in the Top 100 of the banks in Eastern Europe (without the states of the Soviet Union), by the assets at the end of 1999 (fourth column, expressed in mln.$)

Other banks:
AB DnB NORD bankas

Credit Unions:

ALCU - Association of Lithuanian Credit Unions
Achemos credit union, Jonava
Akademine (Academic) credit union, Kaunas
Alytaus Credit Union
Anyksciu credit union, Anyksciai
Birzu credit union, Birzai
Credit union ''Gargzdu taupa''
Credit union "Kreditera"
Credit union ,,Memelio taupomoji kasa"
Credit union ''Savas rupestis''
Credit union "Sveikatos kreditas"
Credit union "Verslo gija"
Credit union "Vilniaus taupomoji kasa"
Ekranieciu credit union, Panevezys
Germanto lobis credit union, Telsiai
Giminele credit union, Kaunas
Grinkiskio credit union
Ignalinos credit union
Jonavos žemė credit union, Jonava
Joniskio kredit union
Jurbarko credit union
Jureiviu Credit Union
Kaisiadoriu credit union (former Kaisiadoriu vyskupijos credit union), Kaisiadorys
Kauno arkivyskupijos (Kaunas archbishop's) credit union, Kaunas
Kauno Credit Union (former Kauno technologijos universiteto credit union), Kaunas
Kedainiu krasto Credit Union
Kelmės taupa credit union, Kelme
Klausuciu credit union
Kretingos credit union
Kupiskenu taupa credit union, Kupiskis
Kvedarnos credit union
Mazeikiu credit union
Nacionaline kredito unija (former Medicinos (Medical) credit union), Vilnius
Moteru taupa credit union, Kaunas
Naftininku credit union
Pagëgiø credit union
Pakruojo ukininku kredito unija (Pakruojis farmers credit union), Pakruojis
Palangos credit union
Panevezio credit union
Pasvalio credit union, Pasvalys
Prienų taupa credit union, Prienai
Radviliskio credit union
Raseiniu Credit Union
Reiskiai credit union, Kuliu mst
Rokiskio credit union
Sedos credit union
Sesegrasis credit union, Lazdijai
Skuodo bankelis credit union, Skuodas
Silales credit union, Silale
Silutes credit union (former Silutes valstieciu (Silute farmers) credit union), Silute
Suduvos parama credit union, Marijampole
Taupykle credit union, Visaginas
Tauragės credit union, Taurage
Tikroji viltis credit union, Naujoji Akmene
Traku credit union
Ukininku taupa credit union, Sirvintos
Ukininku viltis credit union, Panevezys
Ukmergës ukininku credit union
Utenos Credit Union
Varënos Credit Union
Vievio taupa credit union, Ausieniskiu
Vilniaus regional credit union
Vilties kelias credit union, Vilnius
Zanavyku bankelis credit union, Sakiai
Zemaitijos valstieciu (Zemaitija peasant) credit union, Plunge
Zemdirbio gerove credit union, Siauliai
Zemdirbio parama credit union, Vilkaviskis

Representative office:
Representative office of Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
Rietumu Banka Representative Office
Open stock company ,,DJEM - BANK''

Foreign banks:
Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Lithuania Branch
HVB Bank (former Vereins und Westbank), Vilnius Branch

Closed banks:
Kontakt, Vilnius (repr.office of a Russian Bank)
Societe Generale, Vilnius (accounts taken by Merita Bank)
VB Mortgage Bank AB, Vilnius (29/06/2006 - may be acquired by AB SEB Vilniaus bankas)
Jotijos krastas credit union, Sakiai (from 01/07/2005)
Pirmoji lenku (First Polish) credit union, Vilnius
JSC Akciju Komercbanka Baltikums Representative Office in LithuaniaVereins und Westbank, Vilnius - representative office
Polish Kredyt Bank, Vilniaus Branch (acquired by Nordea)
Litimpex Bank (closed in 1999, bankrupcy)

not yet present and/or uncontrolled:
Bank Polska Kasa Opieki, Vilnius
Bankas Hermis (financial house)
CA IB Investmentbank Aktiengesellschaft, Vilnius
Close Stock Company Lithuanian Development Bank
Industry Bank
Joint -Stock Company Agricultural Bank of Lithuania, Vilnius
Joint -Stock Company Savings Bank of Lithuania (Lietuvos Taupomasis Bankas)
Joint -Stock Company Turto bankas , Vilnius (now institute of bank liquidation)
Kredyt Bank PBI, Vilnius Branch
Stiklininku (Glass makers) credit union, Vilnius
Trys skatikai credit union, Radviliskis


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