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Country news
The Central Bank

(Respublika Belarus')
National Bank of Republic Belarus
Belaruski Narodny Bank

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The President

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Country info

Capital Minsk
The Government  

Currency belarus rubl
Swift code BYB

Area, people, etc. Business guide

Dialing code ++375

Belarusian Stock Exchange

World Bank Belarus Field Office
Ecopress - Information Agency
Information resources
Belarussian Interbank Currency Exchange


Ābsolutbank, Minsk
Belagroprombank, Minsk
Belarus Bank , Minsk
Belarussian Bank for Development and Reconstruction (Belinvestbank), Minsk (site2)
Belgazprombank, Minsk
Belorusskiy Industrialny Bank, Minsk
Belorusskiy Narodny Bank, Minsk
Belpromstroibank, Minsk
Belrosbank, Minsk Branch
Belvnesheconombank, Minsk
BTA Bank (former Astanaeksimbank), Minsk
Closed Joint-Stock Company "Byelorussian-Swiss Bank" (firmer United Belorussian-Swiss Bank), Minsk
Delta Bank (former Atom Bank), Minsk
Eurobank, Minsk
Home Credit Bank (former Lorobank), Minsk
InvestPromBank (incorporated Closed Joint-Stock Company "SOMBelBank")
Mezhdunarodny Rezervny Bank (International Reserve Bank), Minsk
Mezhdunarodnoy Torgovli i Investitsiy (Bank for International Trade and Investments), Minsk
Minskiy Tranzitny Bank, Minsk
Credexbank (former Northern Investment Bank), Minsk
Paritetbank JSC (former Poisk Bank), Minsk
Priorbank, Minsk
Aktsionerny Bank Rekonversii i Razvitiya (Joint-Stock Bank for Reconversion and Development) (RDB Bank), Minsk
Severny Investitsionny Bank, Minsk
VTB Bank (former Slavneftebank), Minsk
Technobank, Minsk
Trustbank (former Infobank), Minsk
Unitary Enterprise "Foreign Bank Moskva-Minsk", Minsk

Representative office:
Commerzbank AG, Representative Office, Minsk
Interstate Bank, Minsk
JSC Aizkraukles banka (Latvia)
JSC Bank Snoras, Minsk
JSC Bank TuranAlem, Minsk
JSC "Lateko Banka" (Latvia)
Rietumu Banka, Minsk
Trasta Komercbanka, Minsk
Vneshtorgbank, Minsk

Foreign banks:
CJSC Alfa-Bank
Fransabank (former Golden Taler Bank - former Bank Zolotoy Taler), Minsk

Bankrupcy, suspended or liquidated banks:
Djem-Bank, Minsk (in liquidation)

Closed banks:
Bank Polska Kasa Opieki, Minsk (former repr. office)
Belbaltia, Minsk
Belbusinessbank, Minsk (merged with Belarussian bankk for development and reconstruction)
Belcoopbank, Minsk (from 01/03/2001 has joined Belvneshekonombank)
Belkombank, Minsk
Belorussiy Birzhevoy Bank, Minsk
Belorussiy Credit
Credit-Commercial Bank
Closed JSC ''International Trade and Investment Bank'' (merged with Alfa-Bank )
Creditimpax, Minsk (former repr. office)
Imtex Bank, Minsk
Inko Bank, Minsk (from 01/07/2003)
International Bank of Economic Cooperation, Minsk (suspended from 08.09.2006)
Joint-Stock Bank "Inko"
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Alyans"
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Dukat"
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Elitbank"
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Obuedinenny Kapital"
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Sozh"
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Universal"
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank of Business Development "Intex"
Joint-Stock Commercial Investment Bank "Chistinvestbank" (from 01/07/2003)
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Korpobank"
Lanta Bank, Minsk (former repr. office)
Latvian Trade Bank, Minsk (former repr. office)
Belorussian Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Magnat"
MinskComplexbank, Minsk (acquired by Joint Stock Company "Savings Bank Belarusbank" in 14.07.2005, and later closed)
Minsk Private Bank for Construction of A.Klimov
Moscow Joint-Stock Bank for Business Promotion
Multibanka, Minsk representative office (closed)
Raton JSCB, Minsk
Torgovo-Promyshlenny Bank, Minsk (from 20/06/2003 has joined Technobank)

updated 10.06.2009


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